Fundació Joan Miró - Barcelona Fundació Joan Miró - Barcelona Fundació Joan Miró - Barcelona Fundació Joan Miró - Barcelona

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Fundació Joan Miró. BarcelonaFundació Joan Miró - Barcelona

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    From 12 June 2023

    More information about The Miró is Back

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    From 19 June to 29 November 2023

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The 10 June marks forty-five years since the Fundació Joan Miró first opened its doors. Now we want to reopen with the same spirit of understanding and contemplation of our environment, nature, and the smallest details to help us connect with the essence of things.

Now, you can go back to the Miró, explore its surroundings on foot and connect with art and nature. Welcome back!

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Nature was always at the root of Miró’s creative drive and a key element in the initial concept for the Fundació. Joan Miró and Josep Lluís Sert chose Montjuïc for the site because they imagined a building that would merge with its natural surroundings, in the midst of the vegetation that moved into the museum and formed part of it.

Discover how a visit to the Fundació Joan Miró is a way of connecting art with nature.

More information about "Art and Nature"



We propose venturing back onto some paths with historical, botanical or cultural interest to discover the hill of Montjuïc and reach the Fundació Joan Miró on foot. It is an opportunity to enjoy art and nature from the very outset of your visit.

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Art and Nature – Suggested Activities

Nature heightens our senses: it sharpens our observations and perceptions, awakening our capacity for contemplation. We suggest you two activities to connect with art and nature, either from your home, through the paths on Montjuïc Park leading to the Fundació, or within the museum itself: Nature and Fantasy and 酸酸乳节点网站.

More information about "Art and Nature – Suggested Activities"


Opening hours

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of time -of our family time and our leisure time. But the crisis has also been a time for containment and reduced opening hours. We asked our visitors what times were best for them to visit the Fundació, and this was the majority response. We invite you to enjoy your free time in a space full of art and nature.

More information about "Opening hours"